What They Didn’t Tell Me After Graduation

I have created a short list of dramatic changes in my life following graduation. While these things may not be surprising to some people, they have been hard pills to swallow for myself (and maybe others, too). And if you’re completely thriving after graduation, then this probably doesn’t apply to you, but to each their own. Feel free to give it a read. Or don’t. I’m not in control of your life. 

If you haven’t read my bio yet, here is a little about myself to help you get a better understanding of where I am at in my life: My name is Giavanna Accardo, I am 22 years old, and I recently graduated from the University of Michigan in August 2019. I spent 4 years working my ass (sorry mom) off to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication and Media Studies.

I believe we expect so much following graduation. It seems like we always have to be doing better than the next person, and honestly, I blame social media for this. While I do like to stay updated on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, we waste time comparing ourselves to each other in an unhealthy way. Just because you’re not where you want to be at doesn’t mean it isn’t where you’re meant to be. Everything is happening exactly how it should.

Anywho- all of the highs and lows over the last few years placed me exactly where I am now, so here is what they (who is they?) didn’t tell me after graduation:

1. You might not get a job

This one seems pretty obvious, I know. However, being that I graduated from the #1 public university in the nation, this one was really difficult for me to accept. I was always told that a Michigan degree will get me pretty much anywhere. What a load of crap. While I am confident that it will pay off in the long run, it isn’t getting me anywhere right now. But I honestly can only blame myself for the situation I am in. Long story short, my graduation date was delayed for August because I decided to study abroad. In turn, I also held off on thoroughly looking for a job. Not saying I wasn’t looking, but I didn’t attend as many recruiting and networking events as I should have. Every action has its consequences; I definitely lived and learned. Go to that event, talk to people, put yourself out there. 

I have now been officially graduated for almost 2 months now, and I am still jobless. It honestly has been really difficult because I am used to having a set schedule and following a routine.

2. You might have to move back home

I just spent the past 4 years pretty much living on my own, so the LAST thing I wanted to do was move back home (still love you mom). I was finally getting used to living off a granola bar and a pack of ramen every single day. I’ve been living with my 5 best friends for the past 3 years and I had to give all of that up and move back home. This was definitely my biggest adjustment. Not only am I unemployed, but I also am living with my mom and step dad again. I never pictured myself moving back home after graduation, but here I am. Don’t get me wrong, I love the comfort of being in my own home and being surrounded by old friends and family, but sometimes I feel like I am taking a step back. I’m almost too comfortable being here. I struggle trying to focus and my energy has been at an all time low lately. The crazy Michigan weather does not help either.

3. You learn to be grateful for everything you have

This one is my biggest blessing. While I have been going through a lot of adjustments, and I feel like they are having a negative impact on my life, I am learning to be thankful for it all. No I may not have a career, BUT I do have a part-time job, making money, and keeping busy as much as I can. I may not be living on my own anymore, BUT I have a loving family who is willing to let me stay with them as long as I need. They care for me, feed me, support me, and are giving me this time to figure out who I am and what I want to do. If you’re a go-getter like myself, then these adjustments may seem haunting to you, too. Having this opportunity to take a step back and reflect over the past four years has been such a blessing. What is the rush to get a job and move across the country anyways? We are young! We do not need to have it all figured out. If you are in the same position as myself, or if you’re still in school, please take the time to surround yourself with people who love you, who support you regardless of your situation, and don’t be upset because of where you’re at in life.

I am healthy. I am here. I am figuring it out. Things may not be happening how I thought they would, but God has a plan, and she is working on something real good for me. Trust the process. 


  1. Hi G, I am in the same boat as you with the exception of having a job. I graduated this past May from Texas Tech with a Degree in Finance and I’d be lying if I said it hasn’t been a big life change/adjustment. Figuring out what YOU really wanna do in life is difficult at our age and I’m experiencing that right now. Stay strong and trust in Him. Would love to connect to share more of my experiences!

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  2. Girlfriend… Give yourself a break! It’s just been a couple of months! I can’t tell you how many 20 somethings graduate from top name schools without a job in sight. Or, they get their “dream jo,” and hate it. Just freaking enjoy being 22 and sponge off your parents as long as you can! Lol. But, seriously, good read. Keep it up. You’ll be fine 😉

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  3. Hi Giavanna

    I rarely, ansnI mean RARELY check my Twitter acct but did today and found my way to your blog!

    I love your honesty! And it sounds like you really get it!! Keep it up!!

    That said, I know we are strangers but if you’d be open to chatting I have a business that you could thrive in with your personality & take it around the world with you. And it makes you Ana keeps you pretty 🤩.

    You don’t need to respond but if you are interested to learn more LMK. I promise I’m not a weirdo 😎


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  4. Hi G. First off congratulations on graduating. That is a huge deal. Your drive, persistence and fortitude will pay off and yes, She does have a plan for you. I’m preparing to send my oldest off to college in about 7-1/2 months. Keep writing. Keep sharing. Congrats again.

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  5. In this life most need to work hard to achieve. You have worked your ass off to get to this stage, just need to get that final kick up the backside and get that dream job.

    Good luck, very sensible words from someone with her head firmly screwed on.

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  6. You are very a talented writer. You will find the right opportunity but this job market is not the best for someone straight out of college, there are many out there looking with experience. But your blog is providing unique experience to you which may be used on your resume to find a “paying postion” in the long run. So dont get discouraged, network with others, volunteer, or take on projects which give you experience in a cause your interested in. Things will happen when you least expect it .

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  7. Hi lol, me again. I’m going in order on your blog posts right now, but I wanted to comment again on how similar our situations are. I’d like to share a bit more about my perspective. I have the opportunity right now to work two jobs and succumb to the daily, monotonous lifestyle of the average American…but instead, I am just going to take a risk. The idea of waking up to a ringing alarm clock that notifies me it’s time to start my slave shift doesn’t sound too appealing, so I’d rather spend more time now discovering my gift. I believe everyone has a purpose in this life, and it is our duty to humanity to cultivate and express this natural ability to effortlessly do whatever it is I am good at doing. Happiness comes from fulfillment and enjoyment of life, not spending your time clocking in and out of a mindless, stressful job that never develops your skills and progresses humanity through mentorship of others that want to learn those particular skills. So, I guess my message is to fortify your point that we are where we need to be right now, and our future is not external to us. We are born with it inside of us; we just have to look.

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  8. This is extremely relatable. I graduated late too because I changed my major in my 3rd year. I experienced a massive dip in my energy as well literally the day I submitted my last paper. My libido died the day I graduated. I literally started applying to jobs after my last exam. I wanted try my hand at becoming a musician, comedian, and do internships, and also earn asap so as to be able to afford music production lessons and equipment. And yes, moving back home was absolutely the toughest. Everything just ended all of a sudden. I have a few great part time gigs now and a lot of progress on the music and comedy front too- well it has been around 7 months since I graduated! Thank you for being vulnerable and even counting your blessings. Can’t wait till we start thriving again 🙂

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